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Accelerating the Electric Era: Deepal Brand Makes Debut at the Shanghai Auto Show

18th April 2023

On 18th April 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show, Deepal, a new EV brand from Changan, has taken a significant step forward in brand development. Making its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Deepal brand unveiled its first SUV model, the Deepal S7, featuring an immersive full-sensory digital cockpit. Additionally, the SL03 sedan showcased its global travel experience and impressive intelligent driving technology. The duo product lineups highlights Deepal's commitment to popularising full-scene electric mobility and accelerating the electric era.

Changan Deepal is emerging as a key player in full-scene electric mobility

2023 marks the first anniversary of the Deepal brand's establishment. Reflecting on Deepal's development journey, CEO Mr. Deng Chenghao stated that Chinese market's technology prowess, product innovation, and dominance in electric vehicles have created a window of opportunity to build a world-class electric vehicle brand. Seizing this opportune moment, Deepal Auto remains steadfast in its historical mission to popularise electric mobility across all scenarios. With a focus on the mainstream new energy vehicle market, Deepal aims to launch a total of six products by 2025, aiming for a production and sales target of over 1 million vehicles within the next five years. The goal is to become a leader in the intelligent electric vehicle segment.

Over the past year, Deepal Auto has exerted its full efforts. The first strategic model, SL03, achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing 10,000 orders within just 33 minutes of its listing. In March of this year, Deepal accelerated its product lineup by unveiling the second strategic model, Deepal S7, simultaneously in Shanghai and Paris. This move aimed to break the mold of traditional intelligent exploration, embody the allure of science and technology fashion, and provide users with a multidimensional full-scene car experience encompassing fashion, technology, sports, and youth.

As electrification transitions from early adopters to mainstream adoption, Deepal Auto, as the core representative of Changan Automobile in the electrification track, directly addresses the pain points associated with electrification. The company takes the lead in developing the industry's first EPA1 all-electric digital platform. This platform boasts high efficiency, high performance, high intelligence, and high safety, and it is compatible with various power forms such as pure electric, extended range, and hydrogen electricity. Deepal Auto caters to users' global travel needs, showcasing its technical confidence in accelerating the electric era.

Duo products took the stage, showcasing strong sales potential

At the auto show, Deepal unveiled its first SUV model, the Deepal S7, which offers users four super sensory use scenarios: the super sense suspension pod, mobile private theatre, comfortable exclusive seats, and a forest-like second home. The Deepal S7 is the world's first model equipped with dual zero-gravity massage seats in the front and a super sense smart screen for the front passenger. It features double-layer soundproof glass in the front row, providing a space-like super sense suspension cabin experience. The 15.6-inch central sunflower screen allows for a maximum rotation of 15° on the left and right, while Deepal's 14 speakers sound system enhance experience over various entertainment activities such as mobile movie watching, leisurely karaoke sessions, and enjoyable games, making it a mobile private theatre for users. The front passenger's super sensory smart screen seamlessly integrates with the digital cockpit, creating a comfortable and exclusive seat for passengers, complete with an immersive audio-visual experience. The 1.9 m2 large panoramic canopy and comprehensive camping equipment options offer a new camping experience for the family.

As a provider of global travel experiences, Deepal S7 offers users three power options: pure electric, range extender, and hydrogen fuel cell. The pure electric version provides two mileage options of 520 or 620km (CLTC) with an acceleration as low as 6.7 seconds 0-100 km/h and CLTC power consumption as low as 14.2kWh/100km. The range extender version boasts a CLTC fuel consumption of only 4.95L/100km, with an electric range of 200km and a combined range of 1120km, truly achieving urban pure electricity and long-distance hybrid capabilities. The hydrogen fuel cell version is equipped with Deepal's self-developed hydrogen fuel cell system, offering a CLTC hydrogen consumption as low as 0.73kg/100km.

As an all-electric platform model, the Deepal SL03 provides users with a comprehensive travel experience. It offers three power versions: pure electric, range extender, and hydrogen fuel cell electric. The pure electric version boasts a CLTC cruising range of 515km/705km, with the 515 pure electric version featuring a single motor acceleration of only 5.9 seconds 0- 100km/h. The ranger extender version provides a combined range of 1200km, with an electric range of 200km, and a fuel consumption of 4.5L/100km when SoC is low. The hydrogen version achieves a range of 730km, with hydrogen consumption per 100km as low as 0.65kg, positioning it at the forefront of the industry.

Thanks to its exceptional product strength, the SL03 has been consistently topping the sales list of mid-size sedan EV market. To date, nearly 50,000 units of the SL03 have been delivered, reaching 215 cities across China and accompanying users on safe travels spanning 233 million kilometers. As we enter 2023, the SL03 continues to evolve rapidly. Deepal OS introduces users to an exclusive and customised driving mode, while features like a transparent chassis and a new APP ecosystem enhance the driving experience.

Deepal embraces ambitious goals, with three ground-breaking technologies

With electrification and intelligence expanding the possibilities of future travel, Deepal firmly believes that deploying advanced technology is essential to meet users' comprehensive expectations regarding travel quality and energy replenishment solutions. Original Force Electric Technology, taking into account use conditions in different regions, provides the best electrification solutions in the new energy vehicle era through Original Force Electric Drive and Original Force Intelligent Range Extender.

Deepal has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. At Shangahi Auto Show, Deepal showcased three major technologies: the Original Force Super Electric Drive (800V high voltage), hydrogen fuel cell system, and high specific energy semi-solid battery. Among those, the Original Force Super Electric Drive, equipped with 800V high voltage, oil cooling, and SiC, and the Original Force Intelligent Range Extender based on the next-generation ultra-high-efficiency range extender engine, have completed the development phase and are now progressing towards production. Semi-solid-state batteries have commenced road tests. Furthermore, Deepal's own full-solid-state batteries are undergoing material and buckle level tests. Additionally, a next-generation hydrogen fuel power system, offering double the power density and reduced costs, is currently under development. Deepal Auto remains steadfast in its commitment to forward-looking and popularisation technologies, further accelerating the adoption of electrification.



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