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Changan Automotive Group is one of the largest and most influential automobile manufacturers in China.


Founded in 1862, Changan has a rich history spanning over 150 years and has evolved from a state-owned enterprise to a modern global corporation. Changan is known for producing a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and new energy vehicles. The company has established strategic partnerships with several leading international automakers and has a global presence, with operations and research centres located in various countries around the world. In 2022, Changan produced 2.3 million vehicles with a revenue of 13.2 billion GBP and 68,000 employees worldwide.

In recent years, Changan has made significant investments in research and development, with a particular focus on new energy technologies. The company is committed to promoting sustainable development and has developed a range of hybrid and electric vehicles that offer high performance, low emissions, and excellent fuel economy. Changan is also involved in developing self-driving technologies, with a goal of creating fully autonomous vehicles in the near future.

Changan has a global outlook and has formed strategic partnerships with leading technology providers around the globe. These partnerships have enabled Changan to expand its product range and develop a stronger global presence. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, Changan Automotive Group is well positioned to succeed in the highly competitive and rapidly evolving global automotive market.


  • To design and develop high quality, high performance powertrains to support Changan’s global requirements

  • To develop a technology road map and expertise for Changan propulsion systems

  • To create an environment and opportunities for staff development


  • To become a world leading Powertrain R&D centre, a promoter and practitioner of green powertrain technologies


  • Advanced powertrain design and development

  • Powertrain integration, calibration and development

  • Powertrain control system design and development 

  • Benchmarking and prototyping

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Changan has established several global research and development (R&D) centres in different countries around the world. These R&D centres are tasked with conducting cutting-edge research, developing new technologies, and designing new products to meet the needs of Changan's worldwide customers.


Changan's global R&D structure includes the Research Institute of Automotive Engineering in headquarters (Chongqing), Automobile Research Institute (Shanghai), Automobile Research Institute (Beijing), Changan Auto European Design Centre (Italy), Changan Auto Japan Design Centre (Japan), Changan UK R&D Centre (UK) and Changan USA R&D Center (USA).

  • China sites: vehicle engineering for various applications

  • Turin, Italy: exterior styling

  • Yokohama, Japan: interior design

  • Birmingham, UK: advanced powertrain design and development 

  • Detroit, USA: autonomous driving technologies


Changan UK R&D Centre Limited (CAUK) is a UK company set up by Changan Automobile in June 2010. CAUK is dedicated to powertrain design and development for Changan's next generation vehicles. As of October 2015, CAUK relocated to Birmingham where it set up its UK long term base and built its own powertrain test centre.  With major powertrain projects on-going, CAUK has ambitious expansion plans and is recruiting to an exciting range of R&D roles.

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