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Powerful to the core - CS95 debuted on 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show


2016 Guangzhou Auto Show finally kicks off on November 18, 2016. Changan Automobile presents with all its distinguishing models. In particular, brand-new flagship SUV CS95 equipped with China’s most powerful Bluecore 2.0TGDI engine will make its debut, which is promised to be the highlight on Changan stand of this auto show.


As the leader of China’s auto industry, Changan has always been devoted to independent R&D capability, continuous innovation, and constantly advancing national auto industry. On the basis of global research and development system, 6 years of intensive efforts have been     exerted to develop Changan CS95—high-performance full-size flagship SUV. As the strategic flagship model of Changan, CS95 stands for the highest level and greatest power of China automotive manufacturing as well as a new segments market of independent brand large SUV products, which genuinely expresses the enjoyment from driving Chinese-style SUV.


Freedom — China's strongest "core"

Over the past six years, Changan have conducted 100% positive research and development of Bluecore 2.0 TGDI engine, whose dominated development is undertaken by Changan UK R&D center. The elite research and development team is made up of experts who worked in Jaguar, Landrover, Ford, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and other famous automobile enterprises. The engine has successfully applied for a total of 74 patents, of which there are 24 invention patents. Bluecore 2.0 TGDI engine is well-reputed as the strongest engine domestically and the leading one worldwide. With a maximum horse power of 233 (171kw), the engine produces  torque of 360Nm when under 1750rpm - 3500rpm. When in abrupt acceleration state, under 2000rpm, the super boost mode will be activated. Under this state, the engine can give out an instant strong toque of 380Nm.


Enjoyment—Super space luxury, quiet and comfortable

Changan CS95’s dimensions is about 4949mm * 1930mm * 1785mm, making it the best within its category. With 7-seat space, CS95’s comfort also takes the lead which is at the same level with the comfort of C-grade luxury car and large SUV pricing over 400,000 RMB. Vibration damping material is applied for most of the car body so that untra muting is guaranteed. In addition, perfect sealing property and NVH quality reaching the level of the cars of the same category by joint ventures facilitate riders to enjoye superb comfortable sensations as well .



Driving—Superior and free control performance

CS95 carries Aisin TF-81SC 6 speed tiptronic transmission. Aisin’s globally leading technologies and guaranteed quantity enable gearchange to be more efficient and smooth and also enrich control functions. At the same time, chassis tuning technology dominated by Detroit-based Changan Auto R&D center has fully enhanced the control performance of the whole vehicle,which makes driving more free.


Fun—Topworld 4-wheel cross-country driving

Adopting intelligent NexTrac 4-wheel-driven electronic control system of internationally leading Berg Warner new generation, CS95 4-wheel has strong cross-country and continuous relief capability. It can make reasonable distribution of front and back torques according to road conditions, endow vehicles more efficient driving and starting acceleration performance, and will offer its users more fun during extreme cross-country driving.

Intelligence—-Topworld application of autonomous intelligent driving technology

What’s more, as a founding unit of USA Intelligence Alliance, Changanas reached the international advanced level in terms of autonomous intelligent driving technology, and its CS95 have employed many latest configurations of autonomous driving technology, namely, ACC adaptive cruise control system, lane departure warning system, PAB warning auxiliary braking system, intelligent lane-changing assisting system, automatic parking assisting system, etc. More efficient and superior CS95 intelligent security provides riders with comprehensive intelligent care for driving safety.


Strong relief capability and high reliability of Bluecore 2.0 TGDI+TF-81SC 6AT+NexTrac optimal combination of dynamic performance and triology advantages of power system as well contributes to the high performance of Changan CS95 products. The launch of CS95 will drive Changan CS series and all model products to realize value leap, usher China auto industry into an era of high-performance driving, enhance consumers’ pride in and recognition of Chinese auto brands and Chinese technologies. Let’s pay tribute to Chinese technologies, look forward to CS95’s debut on 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show, and witness the brand-new breakthrough and leap of China's independent brands.


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