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On April 15, 2019, Changan Automobile Global Partners Conference is held in Shanghai, China. Under the theme of Keep Innovating,Drive The Future, Changan invited more than 130 representatives of Changan overseas partners from 34 countries including Pakistan, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Peru as well as cooperative partners including China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and China National Machinery Industry Corporation to attended the conference.



Li Mingcai, Vice President of Changan Automobile, attended the conference and delivered a inspiring speech, welcoming Changan's partners and expressing his heartfelt thanks to the partners who have worked together with Changan Automobile for past many years. He also introduced the overall development situation of Changan Automobile at home and abroad in 2018, and elaborated on the important achievements of Changan Automobile since the comprehensive launch of the "third entrepreneurship -- innovation and entrepreneurship" plan.


As one of the four strategic measures of the "third entrepreneurship - innovation and entrepreneurship" plan, Changan overseas comprehensively promotes the "431" strategy. Li Mingcai made an in-depth analysis of the overseas competition situation, and explained the overall direction of Changan's overseas work construction from seven aspects, including actively embracing change, focusing on customers, advocating valuable marketing, insisting on service to win, insisting on products, building brand and encouraging partners to participate.DSC_6148.JPG

Xiao Feng, Deputy General Manager of overseas business development, made a detailed speech. He summarized Changan  overseas' overall situation in 2018and focuses on Changan in overseas project cooperation, and breakthroughs on promoting products, channels, management strategy, service guarantee, diversification. He also analysed of the current situation of the industry and market challenges, and released 2019 Changan overseas policy objectives and key measures.

DSC_6127.JPGAt the meeting, Wu Dai-Yun, an expert on technological process and senior chief engineer of Changan, made a presentation titled "Flowing with light & Glittering with color -- Precise craftsmanship of making a stunning vehicle". In his presentation, CS85’s four critical crafts of making a stunning vehicle, advanced technology of Changan were explained in depth.

DSC_6168.JPGXiong Wei, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Qingchangfeng, dealer of Changan, shared the experience of customer management during last 13 years, which provide new insights for overseas dealers.

DSC_6202.JPGKuwait and Ecuador dealers from their own perspectives,shared the key measures to promote the Changan brand in their country.

DSC_6238.JPGDSC_6215.JPGIn order to encourage overseas dealers to make contributions to the overseas market of Changan Automobileļ¼Œthe conference gave out 10 awards such as "Sales Contribution Award", "Market Leading Award", Best Project Award" and "Network Development Award" in 2018, which set a benchmark in the overseas dealer team of Changan, boosting the marketing morale and delivered positive energy.


Sales Contribution Award

DSC_6300.JPGMarket Leading Award

DSC_6308.JPGBest Project Award

DSC_6294.JPGNetwork Development Award

DSC_6288.JPGBest Financial Partner Award

DSC_6281.JPGBrand Creativity Award&Brand Promotion Award

DSC_6271.JPGService System Award

DSC_6262.JPGGolden Service Award


Besides the main conference, we espcially planned the new car test drive, spare part display and organized regional busienss forums to further communication between Changan and overseas distibutors.  The event is highlighted with Changan staff's performance live streaming on social media.

DSC_5815.JPGDSC_5718.JPGTest Drive 


DSC_6409.JPGDSC_6399.JPGDSC_6397.JPGDSC_6391.JPGRegional Busienss Forum


"Keep Innovating, Drive The Future". With the expanding of Changan Automobile in overseas markets, our global partners team is also growing. This conference not only strengthens the communication between each other, but also shortens the distance between each other, letting overseas distributors have more thorough understanding to Changan in the overseas market development strategy and key measures. What's more, it boosts overseas partners' confidence and cohesion towards Changan. 





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