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Global automotive journalists discover what makes Changan extraordinary

Changan Automobile invited some of the world’s top automotive journalists to a test drive at company headquarters in Chongqing, China. The auto writers were given the opportunity to review the latest range of Changan SUVs on September 1st, 2017. Auto Express, Autocar, Top Gear Magazine, and other media organizations attended.

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The journalists expressed their opinions on Changan vehicles:

Auto Express said, “Climb inside and it’s plusher and better equipped than you’d ever imagine a cheap Chinese SUV to be…

Save the huge Changan badging on the nose, the styling is suitably European…”

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“Don’t think of the CS55 as some kind of cheap Chinese knock-off, though. It’s packed to the rafters with safety kit, in fact, including adaptive cruise control, front collision warning, automatic emergency braking and six airbags. Lane-change assist, blind spot monitoring and rear collision warning also feature, alongside tyre-pressure monitoring and a 360-degree parking camera. That’s easily as comprehensive as any of Changan’s European rivals.”

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“Not content with simply matching its competitors, the firm provides a 10-year, 260,000km (161,500-mile) warranty that looks impressive in any company. There’s no guarantee that UK cars would come with the same policy, of course, but this shows considerable confidence in the product.”

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