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Chinese girl drives CS95 across Middle East & African continent


Do you still remember the Beijing girl Shannon Wu who was driving a Chinese-made CS95 across Asia, Europe and Africa?Her journey continues in 2019. Started on June 4th, 2017 in Beijing. So far, she has traveled across 3 continents,61 countries and driven 75,000 kilometers.After 22 months, on March 8, 2019, she completed her African continent part of journey, from Morocco in North Africa, to Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa, to Cape Agulhas in South Africa, to Kenya in East Africa, and finally ended in Egypt in North Africa.


At first, she hesitated for a long time in choosing which car to accompany her in the journey, imported cars or domestically produced cars? But ultimately out of national pride, out of trust in Chinese brand, she resolutely chose Changan CS95, and brought along with all the basic maintenance parts.After experiencing all kinds of adversities, such as poor quality gasoline causes the damage of engine, customs clearance, and being towed, CS95 always maintains good quality. Every time the car needed repairing, local dealers and maintenance shop provided great help to her, even air replacement parts from China.


Everywhere Shannon goes, she tries to fit her car into local culture and natural landscape. Gradually, the footprint of Changan Automobile has spread all over the African continent. Now,let CS95 take you to see the world!


埃塞俄比亚图1.jpgOn the way to Lake Tana in Ethiopia, under the Weihe River Bridge is the Blue Nile River.


Blue Nile estuary


The Tissisat waterfall 



苏丹 阿蒙神殿 图6.jpg

Down the Nile River, arrived in Sudan, and come to the Temple of Amon.






Upon arriving in Egypt, Shannon had heard that there was a Changan 4S store in Cairo, Egypt. After contacting Changan International Corporation, she went to the store and received a warm reception from the staff there. The air filter, oil and oil filter and Changan's exclusive transmission oil were replaced, which guarantees the future journey.


埃及 图8.jpg微信图片_20190328140457.jpg

With regard to the legend and construction of the Egyptian pyramids, you can't finish talking for a few days and nights.Then put a photo of CS95 and the pyramid.



Interview with the Arabic version of China Newsweek in Egypt.


Jordan Wudi Rum Desert ,which is the shooting location for the film The Martian.



Amman, Jordan, visiting Changan 4S store.



In order to ensure smooth transit of Shannon in Jordan and Syria, Changan Automobile local dealers assisted all the way.


Arriving Umayyad, Damascus, Syria


Changan Automobile Syria Assembly Factory



In Syria, Shannon received interviews from local media,, CCTV Arabic Channel,and live broadcasts by Syrian TV as well as YouTube channels.



The local media recorded a promotional film and was surrounded by fans to request a photo.



Changan Lebanese dealers made a special trip to the border to pick up Shannon due to safety reasons.


Good vehicle performance, excellent quality,thoughtful after-sales service have accompanied Shannon all the way to complete her dream of traveling around the world. After seeing her experience, do you want to travel around the world? Of course, if you have similar experience, being or about to embark on a journey,please share it with us. Changan Automobile, beyond expectations, dreams are endless.





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