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Changan UK R&D centre locates to Birmingham Business Park

Changan UK, with its headquarters in Chongqing, China, and one of the fastest growing automotive manufacturers in the world is pleased to announce it has moved its UK operations to Birmingham Business Park in Solihull. This move has allowed Changan UK to consolidate its Nottingham and Fen End bases into one location while also allowing for future growth.


This new site will house the UK head office of its Engine, Powertrain, Transmission and Research & Development divisions as well as support functions. 

This move which met with the support of its highly skilled and committed workforce, will also allow Changan UK access to some of UK’s best automotive engineers and permit it to develop links with leading universities in automotive research as it continues in its drive to develop vehicles that people want to own.

Changan is one of the biggest car manufacturers in China and employs nearly 50,000 people worldwide and is affiliated to the state-owned China South Industries Group Corporation. The company has made significant investments into advanced technology R&D globally, and this move is further evidence of its long-term commitment to R&D and tothe UK.


The Company, in China,has established several exciting joint ventures with Suzuki, Ford, Mazda, Volvo, and PSA Peugeot-Citroen.  These joint ventures allow Changan to further increase its market share while sharing important research withthese world leading automotive brands. Changan is committed to building quality cars that excite its customers and exceeds their motoring expectations and these joint ventures are viewed as key to this vision.

In 2014, Changan sold 2.54 million vehicles including our joint venture sales. From January to May 2015, the company sold a total of 1.25 million vehicles, so clearly on target to exceed 2014 sales. Changan is currently ranked no. 1 in China and 15th globally for own brand vehicle sales and is determined to improve this further.

Changan has seven R&D centres around the world, including four in Italy, Japan, the USA and the UK. The UK base, which was established in 2010, specialises in advanced powertrain technology design and development.


Changan UK’s General Manager,Dr Xiaoyu Zhang,stated:

“We are committed to turning Changan into the world’s leading automotive company, and establishing advanced technology R&D facilities across the globe is fundamental to our plans for growth. Our new site at Birmingham Business Park in the UK will allow us to become a world-class powertrain research centre. This new location will strengthen our commitment to the UK market by promoting the growth and sustainability of Changan UK, developing links with local universities and creating new jobs for the region.”


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