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Changan launches level 2 autonomous driving technology in consumer market

On March 20, 2018, Changan Automobile announced the launch of its Integrated Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC), a Level 2 autonomous technology. The company said that the system will be mass produced on CS55, which will become the first production vehicle in China to be equipped with IACC technology.

Changan completed a 2,000 kilometer unmanned test drive back in 2016. The company is now employing knowledge gained from field testing in real-world vehicle applications.

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Integrated Adaptive Cruise Control can execute single-lane assisted driving in clear road conditions. IACC facilitates smart driving features including heavy traffic assisted driving, lane keep assist, automatic deceleration during turns, intelligent speed limit assist, and voice-activated cruise speed setting.

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Changan has mastered more than 60 intelligent technologies including the technology of intelligent interconnection, intelligent interaction and intelligent driving. In November 2017, Changan was granted permission to test intelligent vehicle systems on public roads in California.  The company has established strategic agreements with innovative companies such as NIO, Alibaba, and Baidu to collectively usher in a new era of autonomous driving in 2025.

With its outstanding appearance and cutting edge IACC technology, CS55 will provide a safer and more pleasant driving experience.



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