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Changan Holds Overseas Distributors Conference in Beijing


Changan Automobile Overseas Distributors Conference and Overseas Development Forum Grandly Held in Beijing on April 24th, 2018.


Mr. Gong Bing, vice president of Changan Automobile, Mr. Xiong Lin, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, attended the conference and delivered inspiring speeches. The conference was attended by more than 130 people, including representatives of overseas distributors from more than 30 countries, as well as China Export& Credit Insurance Corporation, Chori and other partners.


Help each other and work together. At the meeting, Mr. Gong expressed his warm welcome to the guests, and highly praised that with the efforts of distributors all over the world, we have exceeded our sales target in 2017.He also introduced four independent brands that have been formed under the Changan Automobile Group——Changan Automobile, Ossan Automobile, Kaicheng Automobile and mid-to-high-end brands. These will fully promote the brand's better development and provide customers with more perfect products and thoughtful service, which also enable them to get a more comprehensive experience.


Mr. Gong stressed that Changan, together with other Chinese brands, will speed up the pace to the international market, and fully assist in achieving the “2025” strategic goal. We hope that all of our partners, together with us, to adhere the"customer first" service concept and create a "mutually beneficial win-win" cooperation relationship, so that we can realize the great aspiration——"to build a world class automobile enterprise".
Mr. Xiong Lin, on behalf of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, thanked Changan, especially the contribution to the economic development of Chongqing. He also emphasized that the central government's strategy of Chongqing as an "important strategic pivot of the western development, and the connection point of one belt one road and the Yangtze River Economic Zone" has brought great opportunities for Chongqing. The Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce will also continue to support Changan Automobile to create a favorable business environment and convenient conditions for the export of whole vehicle and parts, to promote more overseas cooperation business of the “One Belt One Road” countries and regions.


Mr. Ye Mingxin, the assistant president of Changan Automobile, made an overseas product planning report. He pointed out that Changan is going to realize product globalization, lay emphasis on capacity layout and strengthen foreign investment. Under the trend of diversified demands of customers and rapid development of automotive intelligence technologies, Changan strives to achieve product globalization, including simultaneous planning and development. In addition, Mr. Ye also introduced plans for the recent overseas launch of Changan passenger vehicles and light duty comercial vehicles.


Mr. Li Mingcai, Vice General Manager of Changan Overseas Department, made a theme report titled “Inspiring Innovation, Sharing Future”, summarizing the overall situation of Changan’s overseas development in 2017. He focused on introducing Changan’s breakthroughs in overseas project operations, channel expansion, brand building, service improvement, innovation and other fields, and analyzed current market conditions, opportunities, and challenges.


"Keep Calm and Carry On", Li Mingcai proposed to closely focus on the "431" overseas development strategy, continue to intensively manage the market, focus on improving the quality of operations, and realize rapid development.
The conference awarded 10 awards such as the "Objective Achievement Award", "Best Project Award", and "Best Growth Award" in 2017, which set a benchmark in Changan’s overseas dealership, boosted morale, and conveyed Changan’s positive energy.



At the overseas development forums, representatives from Chile and Saudi Arabia shared the internal management system and Changan overseas brand management experience with us respectively, and explain how to integrate Changan'sculture into their own operations and management.


On the forum, we also shared the domestic operation cases such as "Changan Cloud Store Digital Experience", "Beijing Qing Chang Feng Product Operation Plan", "Changan Auto 4S Store Lean Management" and some other cases.From the three aspects of digital intelligence, product operations, and lean management, Changan pointed out the direction of management operations for overseas distributors.

In addition to the conferences and forums, we also arranged new car test drive activities as well as aftermarket parts displays at the Beijing factory. Besides, guests were invited to visit the factory and carry out fun games. The abundant schedule arrangements were highly praised by all the guests.

The conference enabled distributors and partners to better understand Changan’s overseas strategy for future development, strengthened the confidence in cooperation with us, and devote efforts to the Changan’s overseas business. At the same time, the development concept of Changan’s overseas business will also be disseminated to the international market through distributors, which will assist overseas marketing and project development in the future.




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