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Changan announces Mission Shangri-La and launches three new energy models


Changan Automobile announced its Mission Shangri-La new energy strategy while launching three new electric models at the China National Convention Center in Beijing City on October 19, 2017.

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Mission implementation includes the following four strategic actions:

One Hundred Billion Action: By 2025,Changan vows to cease selling petrol vehicles, instead soley focusing on electric models. Changan will invest more than 100 billion yuan in the automotive industry and its supply chain to vigorously promote the rapid implementation of new energy.

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R&D by Ten Thousand People: The company will construct public institutions of new energy and mobilize 11,000 R&D personnel - including over 400 experts from 16 countries and more than 10 experts from the “Thousands Talents Plan” - to accelerate new energy R&D.

Partner Program: In this era of the sharing economy, Changan will integrate internal and external resources with an open and cooperative spirit to successfully execute Mission Shangri-La.

Absolute Comfortable Experience: Project Shangri-La aims to build a special platform for three new energy cars before 2020. It plans to launch more than 30 kinds of new energy products including sedans, SUVs, and MPVs before 2025. Changan endeavors to achieve 5-minute charging for 100 km, as well as endurance mileage of over 1000 km.

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In addition, the company introduced three heavy new energy models - CS15 EV, Eado, and New Eado EV300 at the event. The updated version of New Benni EV was also exhibited at this conference. The simultaneous release of several models not only injects new energy into Changan’s portfolio, but also illustrates the company’s progress in vehicle electrification.

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With the launch of these three new models, the company now has an impressive lineup of all-electric and plug-in hybrid sedans and SUVs. Changan is just getting started on its journey toward a very bright future!




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