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An Intelligent and Attractive SUV——CS55 Launches at Hangzhou

On July 26, Changan CS55 was officially launched in Hangzhou, China and more than 300 mainstream media throughout the Country jointly witnessed the launch event,which theme is“Enjoy Being Different”. Eight vehicle models of CS55 were launched this time.

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Changan CS55 is the first SUV inspired by the new design philosophy – “dynamic life, people-oriented intelligence and attraction”, vividly presenting the idea of “people-oriented intelligence and attraction”. In the test drive activity, CS55 successfully attracted the attention of picky media and won high praise and excellent WOM from countless “new youth” by virtue of its cool appearance, excellent intelligent security, comfortable space and abundant power.

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Created by Changan's European design team, CS55 follows the style of the CS family, but not the tradition.

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How to meet the demands of picky youth for intelligent automobile technology? First, ACC carried by CS55 is able to help drivers relieve fatigue during long-time drive and deal with complicated rod conditions. Meanwhile, CS55 is equipped with PAB, LCDA, LDW and APA, so as to protect the traffic safety of consumers in an all-round way.

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Moreover,Changan CS55 also carries the Continental integrated electronic stability control system (ESC) and other functions, which can shorten the braking distance and ensure the car in a stable condition in case of emergency brake, rapid steering and other emergencies. Besides, a HD 360° panoramic image system is carried by the car. It has four 1000,000 pixel ultra wide angle cameras, without blind spots.

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CS55 is equipped with the new In Call system which integrates functions such as navigation, voice control, entertainment, and remote vehicle control.  Simply say "Hello Xiao'an," to activate voice control.  You can then give commands to control navigation, temperature, multimedia, phone, voice search, and more.

Changan's newest SUV is 4500 mm long, 1855 mm wide, and 1690 mm high, with a 2650 mm wheel base.  Its front row seat spaciousness ranks at the top in its segment, and rear row seating is comfortable and flexible.  There are over 35 varied storage compartments in the vehicle.


Deep-sea mute class NVH design is used in the car, including the sound insulation and absorption design for over 30 places, a scheme of wind noise design for 50 terms, and the systematic abruption for noise propagation path. In combination with the music with the high quality 3D sound effect of AM3D, the car may become a moving music castle.

CS55 is equipped with the filtration of PM2.5 activated carbon + low-temperature plasma generator, the car can strongly block the haze, sulfur dioxide, benzene and other noxious gases, and removal rate of harmful substances exceeds 80%.

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Powered by a 1.5L turbocharged Blue Core aluminum engine, CS55 boasts 115 kW maximum power and 225 Nm maximum torque. Equipped with an Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission, this SUV is both responsive and fuel efficient.Whether on the highway or off-road, you can control your car in perfectly.With Bosch start/stop technology, CS55 reduces fuel consumption by 5-15% during city driving.


CS55 possesses independent multi-connecting rods rear suspension system and improved MacPhersan type independent front suspension system and Nexteer EPS that can provide precise adjustment, with comprehensively improved stability and comfort.


With cool appearance, excellent intelligent security, comfortable space, abundant power as well as preferential and attractive price, CS55 will inevitably be the first choice for young consumers and, in the meantime, create a new benchmark in compact SUV market and become a hot vehicle model exerting great impact on the market segment. 



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