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03 October 2019

Changan Unveiled its New CS15 at the Santa Cruz , Bolivia Auto Show


On September 25, 2019, local time in Bolivia, Changan unveiled its new model CS15 at Expocrouz exhibition, which was hotly pursued by local media and consumers. The Expocuruz exhibition, held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia's second-largest economic center, is the largest comprehensive international exhibition in Bolivia. It lasted for ten days and all major automobile brands participated in. On the press conference day, more than 30 mainstream Bolivian media were invited to attend the Changan’s conference and witnessed the launching of new CS15.



Brenda Arriaza Pedraza, manager of IMCRUZ Changan, a local distributor in Bolivia, was invited to speak on stage. With the brilliant fireworks, the curtain slowly unveiled, Changan New CS15 was officially debuted in Bolivia. After the new CS15 was replaced with a new face,it attracted the attention of local customers with its high value and rich configuration. Media and customers have commented that "the new CS15 gives people a feeling that appearance value is higer and impact is stronger.” With the launching of Changan's new CS15, Changan has brought more choices to local consumers, and its sales are expected to increase.



In the Bolivian market, Changan Automobile has actively carried out brand building, which effectively promoted the image of Changan in local brands. In the challenging competition of the overseas market, the Bolivian marketing team and distributors have achieved record sales with outstanding performance since 2019. Changan will continue to deepen its customer identity and further enhance its brand image, create products adapted to the local situation and sprint to a higher sales target!