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10 September 2019

Changan CS75PLUS launched at Chengdu Auto Show


On September 5th, the 22nd Chengdu International Auto Show grandly opened. Under the witness of Chen Kun, the brand spokesperson of Changan Automobile, Changan A+ SUV CS75PLUS was officially launched. “Tinking from the user's perspective ", based on its deep insight into the future travel life and trend, advanced foresight, good reputation of 17 million users and leading edge in core technology, CS75PLUS had a leading position of the triple value of intelligence, power and safety´╝îbringing new choices to young consumers with a future vision.


The entire development process of CS75PLUS lasted for four years, bringing together nearly 2,000 experts and engineers from China, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan to develop and build. During this period, a large number of sophisticated and rigorous tests were conducted. In terms of production, CS75PLUS's intelligent factory equipment has a comprehensive automation rate of 90% and an automatic data transmission rate of 100%. In the selection of component suppliers, the support of international first-line suppliers such as Bosch, Aisin AW and BorgWarner maximizes the quality and technical advancement of components.


In terms of intelligence, CS75PLUS is equipped with the industry's first remote control valet parking system APA5.0, which realizes the leading technology for people to park automatically outside the car. As long as the parking space is 71 cm larger than the body, in the parking area with clear parking line, the people in the car can get off directly, and the car can automatically find the parking space within 20 meters ahead and park in. In addition, CS75PLUS is also equipped with a Bluetooth key that is rare in the same class. In any part of the world where there is a network, virtual keys can be shared to others through mobile phones, and owners can share and retrieve virtual keys infinitely, so that it is no longer troublesome to borrow cars.


In terms of intelligent interaction between people and vehicles, CS75PLUS is equipped with TINNOVE OS automotive intelligent system, which deeply integrates the basic capabilities of Tencent's car alliance and Tencent's core ecological resources, providing car owners with an extremely intelligent travel experience. TINNOVE OS car intelligent system not only provides diversified entertainment functions, but also supports intelligent push of more than 40 kinds of refined scenes. Users can also share the location information in WeChat to the car screen, making the car become the medium for people to contact.


In addition, CS75PLUS has 1.5T and 2.0T power versions. The 2.0TGDI + EISIN 8AT power system has a maximum power of 171Kw, a maximum torque of 360N•m, and a power comparable to that of the 3.5L naturally aspirated engine. Matching Aisin's most advanced 8AT transmission, the shift response time is less than 0.8s. The total gear ratio is large, with strong low-slope climbing ability, low high gear consumption, the friction loss can be better reduced, and the maintenance cost of the user is reduced.

1.5TGDI+ Aisin 6AT power system, whose engine’s leading external water-cooled intercooling technology achieves lower intake air temperature, reduces engine knock probability. The latest 350bar high-pressure direct injection technology can make fuel atomization more adequately, improve combustion efficiency and further reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Its maximum power is 131kw, the torque is 265N••m, and the fuel consumption per mile is only 6.7 liters. The imported Aisin 6AT transmission is equipped with 10 million kilometers of quality verification, and the fuel economy is improved by 8.6% or more, which lets the perfect combination of power and economy.


CS75PLUS sets a new benchmark for A+ SUVs with comprehensive and superior safety. After thousands of simulations and hundreds of real vehicle collisions, CS75PLUS has a high proportion of 38.3% of hot-formed steel and ultra-high-strength steel, ensuring structural stability and passenger cabin space integrity. It has excellent bending strength that can guarantee the occupant's living space to the greatest extent in various collision matrix. It is also equipped with six airbags to create a comprehensive collision protection matrix. The side air curtain can cover 100% of the windows to maximize the safety of rear passengers.


In addition, CS75PLUS is also carries IACC integrated adaptive cruise system, which integrates many functions such as single-lane automatic assisted driving, traffic congestion assistance, auto-turn deceleration, intelligent speed limit assistance, lane maintenance, etc. to liberate both hands and feet and alleviate driving fatigue.


As the spokesman of Changan Automobile brand, the famous actor Chen Kun attended the booth to support CS75PLUS’s launching. According to his own practical experience, Chen Kun gave CS75PLUS a very high appraisal, and recommended this model to a large number of fans with his powerful appeal. CS75PLUS pre-sales data also confirms the market recognition of this car. Since the pre-sale on August 16th to September 4th, the pre-sale order in just 19 days has reached 11,729 units.