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10 September 2019

Changan Automobile joined hands with Tencent to interpret the future of smart car life


On August 26, the 2019 Smart China Expo was grandly opened in Chongqing. Changan Automobile, an intelligent representative enterprise of China's automobile industry, successfully held the “Dubhe” strategic achievements conference, and jointly demonstrated some intelligent results with the strategic partner Tencent, including the forward-looking version of the TINNOVE OS automotive intelligent system with WeChat vehicle version, and the smart stores and so on.



Different from other automotive intelligent systems that simply “make applications on the car”, TINNOVE OS automotive systems relies on Tencent's user service and ecological connectivity to integrate rich content and services into an “Eco-car networking” solution. In the design, the user's driving scene needs have been fully considered. Users can use Wechat as a channel to realize the interconnection between the cockpit and the outside world through the exclusive keys on the steering wheel and full voice operation. In addition, user's single login and record information is not saved, which maximizes the safety and privacy of the user's driving, the car scene is fully taken into consideration too, and the user is allowed to enjoy a safer and more convenient communication service while driving.


Meanwhile, the smart stores open the closed loop of “people-car-shop-factory”.  With the “digital tools” such as WeChat public number, mobile payment, and small programs, users can enjoy the whole intelligent service covering the whole life cycle of car products such as car purchase, insurance, maintenance and so on. Relying on the smart 4S store created together by Changan and Tencent, users can enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable experience of purchasing and using cars in the era of intellectualization.


On the Smart China Expo, Changan also brought a number of the latest intelligent technologies and let users experience them personally, including a new generation of L4 autopilot demonstration operation, 5G remote control driving experience, and remote control valet parking system APA5. 0.


Since the intelligent strategy “Dubhe” was launched in 2018, Changan has accelerated the pace of transformation to intelligent travel technology companies. At present, Changan has mastered more than 200 intelligent core technologies and achieved the first mass production of 15 industry-leading technologies such as IACC and APA5.0, and more than 100 smart products and services have entered the life of Chinese auto users.


In the grand blueprint of the “Dubhe”, Changan will continue to build China's strongest vehicle intelligent research and development strength. In 2025, Changan will gradually realize the L4 automatic driving mass production, and build a smart travel ecology of “people, cars and homes” to make users feel more comfortable.

In addition, Changan will cooperate with partners such as Tencent, Huawei, Bosch, Baidu and other partners to provide world-class intelligent systems and solutions to create a more mature and open autopilot platform, continuously moving toward smart travel technology companies and promoting the development of China's auto industry.