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Technical Specialist - Chassis Control System (Fixed-Term Contract)

31 March 2021
Location : Chongqing - China

Contract Type : Full Time

Description :

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for chassis control system development (ESC, EPB, EPS, CDC, ECAS control systems etc) and technical reviews, audit and trouble shooting
  • Responsible for the knowledge engineering and technical system construction of the chassis electronic control system.
  • Supervise the design and development of chassis control system, including function, performance, calibration, diagnostic etc.
  • Responsible for designing and developing chassis domain controller system
  • Responsible for the advanced technology research and strategy planning within the area

Personal Specification

  • Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Minimum 12 years’ work experience within the field
  • Work experience in chassis control system development for at least 3 vehicle projects
  • Knowledge of industrial trend, advanced technologies and strategy planning would be preferrable
  • Proficient in ECU hardware and software development process of chassis control products (ESC, EPB, EPS, CDC, ECAS etc.)
  • Experience of technical management
  • Experience in chassis control system benchmarking and V&V, knowledge of steering-by-wire, or electric break or electric suspension.
  • Experience of C/C++, DoorsNG, DTM, Simulink, QAC, dSPACE, CANape etc
  • Proficient in vehicle communication bus (CAN, LIN etc.), diagnosis (KWP2000, UDS etc.), internet management (OSEK), and CAN update (BootLoader).

Other Requirement

  • Be a good team player. Collaborate with different functions to achieve project requirements
  • Proactive/can-do attitude towards challenges and problems
  • Experience in working within team of diversity would be preferred
  • Can deal with culture barriers
  • Fluent in English and/or Chinese in speaking and writing

If you are selected for interview, HR at Changan Headquarters will normally contact you directly. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications, they are unable to inform those who are not shortlisted or give specific feedback.





  • 负责底盘电控开发(ESC、EPB、EPS、CDC、ECAS等控制系统)业务的技术把关/审核、疑难问题解决;
  • 负责底盘电控系统的知识工程和技术体系建设。
  • 指导底盘电控系统功能、性能、标定、通讯和诊断设计开发。
  • 负责底盘域控制器系统的设计开发。
  • 负责底盘电控系统先期和前瞻技术研究与储备,规划自主技术的开发工作。




  • 精通底盘电控产品(ESC、EPB、EPS、CDC、ECAS等)的ECU硬件和软件开发过程,有技术管理经验;
  • 熟悉底盘控制系统的标定匹配和验证测试技术,电控转向、电控制动、电控悬架中任一项;
  • 熟悉底盘电控相关开发工具(C/C++、DoorsNG、DTM、Simulink、QAC、dSPACE、CANape等)。
  • 精通汽车总线系统(CAN,LIN等)、诊断(KWP2000、UDS等)、网络管理(OSEK)、CAN升级(BootLoader)的开发。


  • 有较强的团队合作意识和跨功能团队合作能力
  • 以积极的态度面对和接受挑战
  • 有多文化工作环境经验者优先考虑
  • 有较强的跨文化交际能力
  • 能流畅使用英文和(或)中文进行书面和口语交流
Package : Competitive hourly rate, negotiable depending on background and experience.